Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Godiva Coffee Review and Giveaway from Our Whiskey Lullaby

Do you love Godiva chocolates? Like really, really love them? Do you love coffee? Like, can't live without it? If you do, I'm in the same boat. I drink anywhere between 2-6 cups of coffee a day. Sometimes I do temper the caffeine, sometimes doing calf-caff, and doing decaf at night. Some people say, "There's no point to decaf," but because I love the taste so much and don't want to stay up till 2 AM everyday, I think there is a point :)

There used to be a Godiva outlet shop in my town. It's long gone now, but I still miss it. I used to get their huge rochers, especially the white chocolate. Simply amazing! Now I love their chocolate-dipped strawberries. I've turned into such a choco-holic that I can't even keep a small bag of M & Ms in the house or oops! They are gone in 1 sec., shaking the bag into my mouth style.

Now-a-days, I have coffee after my dinner. It's sweet with cream, and it's almost like a dessert. Imagine how much more dessert-y Godiva Coffee would be?! Their flavors are inspired by their legendary truffles. The winner will receive a Coffee Sampler: (1) bag of Dark Chocolate Raspberry coffee, which was inspired by our double chocolate raspberry truffle. This medium roast coffee pairs rich, Godiva dark chocolate with rich, ripe raspberry flavor. One (1) bag of Roasted Almond coffee, which is a medium roast coffee inspired by one of our favorite nut truffles.  Sweet, honey roasted almond butter flavor with a creamy Godiva milk chocolate finish.

Here's how to win from Our Whiskey Lullaby:
The giveaway is by Rafflecopter, so sign into that either with your name and email or with Facebook. Then do whatever entries you'd like on there. I believe there is no mandatory entry, so you can choose which one to start and how many to do. The giveaway ends in 9 days and 8 hours from now (today is 5/16). Good luck!

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