Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jentifa Sony Vaio Giveaway

Jentifa/Jennifer's blog post made me reminisce a little about my time when I first started with a computer, as she recounts her own. Her dislike of the modem dial-up noises produced a giggle. So funny how things have changed, how the modem doesn't speak audibly anymore and just connects. Guess a lot of people shared her modem beep-aversion.

When I began my relationship with a computer I was a kid. I had a Compaq with Prodigy internet service in my room. That was where the family computer was - my room (I was thrilled with that, believe me!). I was enamored with it. Couldn't get me off it, in fact!

So cool to read Jennifer's journey and how she's gotten to where she is today. Today she is a Microsoft Champion and her favorite new tech is the Sony Vaio Y computer - a hot pink one at that!

She is giving away a black Sony Vaio Y laptop, as pictured below:

Here are the specs:
SONY VAIO Y: Put a true pro to work for you with a laptop that offers superior portability, performance, and power. Enjoy HD graphics on the 11.6″ LED display, ample storage for your favorite multimedia, and the muscle of a new AMD Fusion APU—all in a slim, lightweight package. Price: $599.99
Specifications: AMD Fusion E-350; 4GB RAM; 320GB hard drive; Fusion Integrated Graphics; Standards lithium-ion battery; AC adapter
 As of today, 6/14/12, you have 20 days to enter. Enter here!

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