Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coach ColorTag - Watch this swatch for gift cards

When I think of Coach, I think of a legacy of leather. Imagine how many colors they've used on their bags, wallets and more, since Coach's creation in 1941. You'd think it would be almost infinite. What colors would you gravitate toward? I'm having fun finding my favorites here!

Coach is running an interesting promotion for their Legacy Collection where you tag your favorite colors on your blog. 

You can help me by sharing my favorite ColorTag wherever you can - Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. The blog that can bear the most ColorTags wins a $2,500 Coach gift card. What a stellar prize!

What's in it for you? Coach is hiding gift cards within the sites that post ColorTags. You could easily win a gift card. They are giving away 100 gift cards at random. They range from $100 - $500. Just watch my swatch as they will be hiding surprises.

I really like the color Tabac (Seen above) from Coach's ColorTag selection. It would make a really lovely bag color and it's classic, a rich chocolaty cocoa. 

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